About the Program

You succeed because we've got your back.

Blood, sweat, tears, and talent — we've spent over a decade pouring Nerdio smarts into our platform. And you get more than a bulletproof solution to sell: You get muscular support. We generate client leads for you, help you close them, ensure smooth onboarding, and assist you in delivering our legendary dependable service day after day. What's not to love?

What's In It For You

The Marketing Stuff

Want to get the word out about your cloud capabilities with our co-brandable marketing collateral — flyers, white papers, case studies, and more? No sweat; we supply all that stuff and more.


Awesome Sales Tools

We generate new client leads and drop them on your virtual doorstep. From there, our easy-to-understand, easy-to-choose pricing plans make it a breeze to move prospects from "Oh, I don't know..." to "Heck, Yes."


Super Easy Client Support

Get ready for a support model without service-intensive local hardware or software. Then factor in fast auto-provisioning, "three-click" super-simple user, and server management tools — even automated DR testing. You'll just have to say goodbye to those 11pm distress calls and repetitive support visits. We think you won't miss them much.


Stable revenues, loyal customers

Move beyond the all-too-infrequent ad hoc projects and say hello to predictable, recurring revenue, with healthy margins. And with the amazing stickiness of the Nerdio platform, you'll think you've locked them in with Spiderman's web-shooter. Add with the proven customer loyalty that Nerdio generates, competitors snatching your prime clients will be a thing of the past.


Implementing Nerdio not only was a major cost reduction to the tune of six figures, but it really enabled our business model to grow rapidly


— Jon Scala, CFO, Health Check

Partner Perks

No clubhouse or secret handshake needed. We're all friends here.

We've done the hard work for you

Thanks to more than a decade of close relations with thousands of small-business users, we have three perfectly structured plans - Professional, Performance, and Enterprise. These will make converting prospects into clients a breeze for you. Each comes fully-loaded with tons of features, like virtual desktops, software, servers, security and data protection, management and monitoring, email and communications, and more (try saying that three times fast).

Enjoy recurring revenue opportunities

Rake in recurring revenues when you bundle in with Nerdio your own Onboarding, Help Desk, and Virtual CIO (vCIO) fee-based consulting services. And, as always, we're here ready to assist you in designing, pricing, and/or selling these value-added services.

You're never on your own

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."   — Henry Ford

We believe this — that's why we make sure every Nerdio partner has a dedicated Partner Manager to contact for support. When customers have questions, we work together to make sure you always have answers.

Industry standard tools you know

We don't believe in reinventing the wheel by concocting proprietary tools you're forced to learn from scratch. So with Nerdio you're ready to go on day-one, with familiar tools like Vmware, Active Directory and Kaseya RMM, that your team already are comfortable with.